Curriculum Vitae

Academic Background

PhD.   Water Resource Policy & Law, Waters of the West IGERT, University of Idaho (in progress). Working dissertation title: Mapping Water Resource Vulnerability in the Columbia River Basin: A Socio-Environmental Synthesis Approach

M.S.     Water Resource Policy & Management, Oregon State University (2009)

Project Title: Assessing Knowledge and Public Awareness in the Southern Willamette Valley Ground Water Management Area

B.A.      Public Policy, Duke University (2005). Certificate of Health Policy, Duke University (2005)

Research Interests

  • Community-based water resource policy and management;
  • Communication and decision-making processes in water resources;
  • Risk assessment and risk perception management;
  • Water law, governance and climate change adaptation.

Teaching Experience

Instructor, WR 501. Practical Skills in Grant Writing. University of Idaho, Water Resources Program (2016)

Graduate Fellow, The Confluence Project (University of Idaho)

Development and instruction of K-12 water science curriculum, field trip coordination and experiential learning design, mentorship of student research project design, organization and facilitation of the all-student Water Summit conference (culminating event) (2015-2016).

Teaching Assistant, GEO 105, Geography of the Non-Western World. Oregon State University, Department of Geosciences (2008)

Professional Experience

Research Coordinator, USAID AquaFish Innovation Lab

Administration of departmental research, including proposal review, management of project deliverables, project data analysis, writing and editing of grant-required documents, professional meeting organization and facilitation. Faculty, Oregon State University (2013-2015).

Researcher, Quantum Spatial (Watershed Sciences Inc.)

Contributed to LiDAR ground survey data quality using ARC GIS and Bentley CAD software (2013).

Consultant, Improve International

Reviewed international water and sanitation projects for the East Africa region. Contributed to the development of a water and sanitation analysis tool for urban Ghana (2013).

Project Coordinator, Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition 

Designed and coordinated the Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Project, including stakeholder coordination, grant writing, survey design, project evaluation and reporting, meeting and workshop facilitation, public education and outreach media communication, social media coordination and blog maintenance (2011-2013)

Graduate student researcher, Oregon State University (2008-2009)

-Update of the Trans-boundary Freshwater Dispute Database, UNESCO (2009)

-Water Governance Evaluation in the Middle East and North Africa Region, USAID (2009)

-Institutional Incentives and Disincentives, Bureau of Reclamation (2008- 2009)

-Survey of rural groundwater quality for the Southern Willamette Valley, Oregon; Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (2008-2009)

Academic Awards and Fellowships

NSF Traineeship (IGERT), University of Idaho (2015)

Laurels Graduate Award, Oregon State University (2008, 2009)

Hatfield School of Government Executive Leadership Internship (2008)

Institute for Water and Watersheds Graduate Research Award (2008)

All- ACC Academic Team (2001)

Academic and athletic scholarship, Duke University (2001-2005)


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Presentations & Posters

Climate ‘Hot Spot’ Mapping and Risk Analysis in the Columbia River Basin. American Water Resources Association, Spring Specialty Conference. Anchorage, Alaska (2016)

Gender Equity in Aquaculture: Women in the Aquaculture Value Chain. World Aquaculture Society Aquaculture America, Seattle, Washington. (2014)

Building Capacity and Developing Technology to Alleviate Poverty Through Sustainable Aquaculture Development: AquaFish Research in Asia. World Aquaculture Society       Asian-Pacific Aquaculture, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (2013)

Building Capacity in Developing Countries to Provide Opportunities for Enhancing Sustainable Aquaculture. International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture, Jerusalem, Israel. (2013)

Association of American Geographers Conference. Water Governance in the MENA Region, Database Design (USAID). Seattle, Washington. (2011)

60th International Executive Council Meeting & 5th Asian Regional Conference, Special Session on Water Governance. Water Benchmarking in the MENA Region and Database Construction (USAID). Delhi, India . (2009)

American Water Resources Association. Water Governance in the MENA Region, Policy and Legal Analysis (USAID) Seattle, Washington. (2009)

Volunteer Experience

Corvallis Sustainability Initiative: Three Waters Project- construction of rainwater harvest system, grey water system, rain garden, and interactive bicycle water pump Corvallis, Oregon (2010-2015)

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates. Grassroots youth outreach and coordination. Corvallis, Oregon (2010-2015)

Lincoln County Soil and Water Conservation District- public discussion on water conservation- local projects, local experts, tips and tools. (2014)

Rulindo Water Access & Sanitation Assessment, IWRM. Coordinated field crew, surveyed and interviewed households about water governance, access and sanitation; mapped watersheds. Rwanda, Africa (2010)