My research efforts are domestic and global in scope, with a common focus on vulnerable communities. I am particularly interested in shedding light on feedbacks and interrelationships within socio-environmental systems under rapidly changing climate conditions.

Water Resources Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity in the Columbia River Basin (in progress)

An integrated spatial analysis of snow-rain shift and social barriers to adaptation at the sub-basin scale. This research takes a holistic approach to evaluating and mapping “hotspots” of climate change impact in the Columbia River Basin.

Small Scale Aquaculture, Gender Equity &  Food Security

This body of work includes team research related to projects sponsored and evaluated by the AquaFish Innovation Lab

Water Access and Water Governance in the Rulindo District of Rwanda, Africa 2010 with Water for People

This research included conducting household surveys of water points, access, and governance in cooperation with the Rwandan Government’s efforts to integrate water resource management and to expand water access and infrastructure to the Rulindo District.

Social Capital and Local Water Resource Management, MS research at Oregon State University 2007-2009

This research was conducted as my MS thesis work and included collaboration with the Department of Environmental Quality to develop baseline information regarding public knowledge and awareness of the EPA designated Ground Water Management Area in the Southern Willamette Valley.

Global Water Geopolitics and Water Governance in the MENA Region, Oregon State University 2008-2009

This work was done in support of the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database housed at Oregon State University.